Video Editing

I provide speedy and essential video editing services for simple video projects in need of some elegant video clip editing, sound mixing, basic color correction, and titles, whether for short films, personal reels, marketing or instructional videos, or fun YouTube video projects.

If you are looking for some simple editing assistance, feel free to contact me to inquire further.

“Rebecca Ahn is a sophisticated video editor with exquisite taste. I gave her a mishmash of clips with wildly varied sound levels. Even worse, the range of musical styles associated with the clips was far too broad. Not only did Rebecca put the clips together in a graceful way, she so skillfully integrated the music as to make it seem the music was written to accompany the reel! My manager and I were thrilled, and the reel has so far resulted in a primetime ABC Family audition!” – Daphne O’Neal, actor