Content Strategy & Production

Need help honing your content strategy and calendar? Baffled by all the mediums, platforms, and production processes out there?

I offer the following content strategy services to help you sculpt your copy, images, videos, and more into the most compelling and engaging content for your business:

Content Audit & Strategy

I’ll conduct an audit of your current content resources and help you construct a strategy to utilize and add to it based on your marketing needs and platforms. You’d be amazed how much you can do with repurposing the content you already have.

Content Calendar

I’ll help you turn your content strategy, with your ideal marketing platforms, mediums, and messaging, into an actionable calendar to guide you in producing and publishing your content in the most engaging and effective way.

Content Production

I’ll help you create a production plan to produce all your content needs – whether photo, video, audio, etc – as beautifully, authentically, and cost-effectively as possible, and (if you’d like) can manage the production process for you as well.

Video Editing

I’ll provide speedy and essential video editing services including video clip editing, sound mixing, basic color correction, motion graphics, and titles for video projects such as reels, short films, marketing videos, YouTube/social media videos, or instructional course content.


I’ll help capture your core story in the most compelling copy possible that creates measurable engagement and impact for your marketing, educational, or entertainment purposes across fields such as arts and entertainment, events, travel, self development, business, tech, women’s health, and self defense.

Proofreading & Copyediting

I’ll quickly and thoroughly review your written content – your website, book, emails, articles, video scripts, resumes & cover letters, essays, dissertations, social media, etc. – and provide suggestions to improve the story, structure, tone, spelling, grammar, etc to make it as engaging as possible (with proper Oxford commas obvs). I’m your deleter-in-chief ensuring your written content is free from error, inconsistency, or incoherent narrative. My ultimate goal is to help you publish the most credible, intelligible, and powerful version of what you have in you.


Need help transcribing your audio recordings or videos into written copy? I can help you do that quickly and painlessly. This is the simplest service I offer, so my rate is very affordable and my turnaround is fast depending on what final product you need – an exact verbatim of your audio recordings or a cleaned-up version edited for grammar & flow.

“I enlisted Rebecca’s skills as a writer/editor on my upcoming feature film The Alternate and I was extremely happy with Rebecca’s work. Rebecca came in to help me with a re-write on the eighth draft of my script and was really pleased with her process. Her attention to detail, story insight and ‘nit picking’ on all things, including grammar and spelling, were invaluable to the script.

Not only did Rebecca provide very detailed notes, feedback and suggestions on my script, she provided the same service for my look book as well, which I then used in financing the film.

Bottom line is, if you want a trusted, insightful and creative writer to work with you on your project, either starting from scratch or coming in to consult halfway through, Rebecca Ahn should be your first call.

Thanks Rebecca!”

Alrik Bursell, filmmaker

“I so appreciated working with Rebecca on my first self-published book. Her insights were so helpful, she was direct, honest and kind. Exactly what I needed. I trusted her expertise and felt that she really understood my vision and my audience. Thanks Rebecca!”

Emma Craig, author of Dating Between The Lines

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