Business Operations

Want hands-on support and personalized guidance from an experienced business consultant as you begin (or expand) your own creative entrepreneurial journey?

I offer the following business coaching services to help you sculpt your creative ideas – be in an individual project, solo business, or multi-person company – into the most coherent, compelling, and prosperous venture possible.

Business Planning

I will guide you through the biggest struggles and stresses in your business planning process, whether that be finding your product-market fit (or which idea is worth pursuing in the first place), identifying your ideal customers, developing your strategies for marketing, hiring & staffing, finances & funding, establishing the systems to put them into action, whatever you need to get moving again toward building your dream creative business (and life).

Operations Processes

I will help you distill the various ways you work and make your magic happen into clear and creative documents, spreadsheets, and systems on whatever platforms you like to help you stay focused and productive, get back on track when you get distracted (cuz that’s gonna happen), and communicate with your team or easily onboard others you hire. As my friends joke that I often say, “I have a spreadsheet for that!”

Legal Contracts

I will bring my 10+ years of experience to help you draft, negotiate, and edit legal agreements with your staff, contractors, vendors, and/or partners (and understand all that confusing legal jargon) to ensure the terms are optimal for you and your business while avoiding complications down the road. Disclaimer: I am not a licensed attorney, so any guidance I provide will need to be reviewed by one, but I can help arrange that too (plus I’m way cheaper than a lawyer).

Whatever your unique business problems or puzzles, I can help you navigate them with my 10+ years of experience as a business coach, consultant, and entrepreneur.

Consider me your last line of defense before you put your products or services out into the world to sink or swim. I’m here to help make sure what you produce and present is the very best version of what you envision, with the very best chance of providing value and success to both you AND your customers. It’s the ultimate win-win-win (for you-for them-and for me too)!

“Rebecca is a natural leader and has the ability to adapt to cross-functional situations easily and efficiently. Her ability to stabilize operations in a fast-paced environment has helped Ciel tremendously as we are in start up mode. She has been able to introduce systems and processes that the rest of the team has easily adopted. She has led with grace and confidence in conversations and has been amazingly dependable as an advisor to myself and the team in re-aligning our goals and values of Ciel. Rebecca is a Ciel angel. I know that her legacy will live on in all the projects that we do. I am eternally grateful to her for all that she has contributed to the company. She will always have a home here. Merci très très beaucoup, Reb!”

Cecilia Caparas Apelin, CEO & Co-Founder of Ciel Creative Space

“[Rebecca’s] professionalism and knowledge are a godsend for unorganized creatives! Within our first meeting Rebecca helped me set an action plan and get cracking! I have a hard time staying focused and finally decided I needed help. At first I wasn’t sure about the investment of time and money. After a few weeks it’s plain to see that it was a good choice. Trust me, skip a few meals and hire The Productive Artist. You’ll get results and have more time to spend on your creative work. In the end isn’t that the name of the game for us artists? If nothing else schedule a meet and greet (1st mtg is free) and I’m sure you’ll get some good ideas and energy out of it ; )”

Jacob Rangel, copywriter & visionary storyteller

“Rebecca gets things done! She has an amazing ability to look around and JUST START DOING the things that need to be tackled to make things more organized, more functional, and more streamlined. She has a great mix of showing you how things can be and sharing ideas behind the systems she uses herself. She helped me set up my home office, gave me tips on better managing my inbox and workflow, and even hauled away some of the stuff that we cleared out. She’s bright and witty, and great to have on your side!”

Leslie Arita, product manager & board member at NAMI San Francisco

Contact me about your particular project or predicament and let’s talk.