My campaign: To capture the core story in the most compelling copy possible that produces consistent and continuous response, return, and success for marketers, creators, and companies of all shapes and sizes in the fields of arts & entertainment, health & fitness, B2B, and financial tech.

See below for samples of my work, then contact me to discuss your specific project and get a quote.

Tough Cookie Says banner_tallTough Cookie Says

Founder + Main Writer
Articles highlighting strong women icons who embody the Tough Cookie model and mindset, plus tips for readers to become Tough Cookies themselves.

Screenshot 2016-06-29 15.01.03The Productive Artist Blog
Founder + Main Writer
Articles offering tips, tricks, and tools for budding creative entrepreneurs and freelancers to improve their productivity, create the deep structure they need for deeper creativity, and achieve the level of success and fulfillment they envision.

FLEX website how it works pg screenshot2.pngThe Flex Company
Sr Content Strategist + Copywriter
Revised email marketing funnels & copy with A/B testing, website copy & layout, and a revamped product informational insert booklet with copy & design, all as implementation phases of a new overarching company content strategy.

Writes Blog Header0The Writes Of Passage
Diary-style posts recounting the author’s personal journey questioning her corporate career and lifestyle, taking the time for self-discovery and assessment, finding her own answers, and ultimately realizing her bold new calling in the freelance world.

tedxny-2016-invite-headerTEDxNewYork Marketing Outreach
Strategist + Writer
Composed email and newsletter templates on MailChimp for marketing outreach to new target groups and individuals, in an effort to increase event awareness and ticket sales for a broader, more diverse audience that exemplifies the cross-disciplinary and cross-cultural mix of New York City itself.

Screenshot 2016-04-30 21.30.33Money + Tech News Broadcasts
Producer + Lead Writer
Led a team of writers in composing and editing daily and weekly news broadcasts to capture the most current and pressing news updates in the sectors of finance and tech.

Google Adwords Agency TeamAdWords Campaigns

Optimization Specialist
Composed and revised copy for client’s online ad campaigns to improve their performance and ROI with best practices and strategies for their specific brand and products on the AdWords platform.