People Operations Consulting

Need help navigating your people operations and human resources? Not sure who you need to hire, or how to hire them, or how to manage them once you do?

Probably the most prevalent problem I see new entrepreneurs and young companies making is neglecting or shortchanging the people side of their business. I’m talking about people management, human resources, and organizational development. If you are building a company beyond 5-10 employees, you NEED to be thinking about this… much much earlier than you think. Yes, that early. No, that’s not too early. Yes, I can help!

I offer the following people operations coaching services to help you identify & hire your personnel needs, onboard them, manage them, and nurture them in the most productive, inclusive, and healthy way possible.

People Org Development

I will guide you and your organization’s people managers/HR team (if any) through assessing your human resources needs and developing a plan to address those – whether that be hiring more staff, reorganizing your current team, training your people managers on essential leadership soft skills, navigating compensation or benefits, developing employee programs or trainings, addressing performance issues, and/or resolving personnel conflicts.

People Management Training

I will guide you and your organization’s other people managers (if any) through fun and forthright training on the essential leadership soft skills that are too often undervalued and under-developed – such as emotional intelligence, time management, goal setting, creative thinking, effective communication, active listening, critical conversations, conflict resolution, and (perhaps most importantly) self awareness.

I’m not gonna sugarcoat it, because that would do you a disservice. You cannot ignore this side of your business. It will make or break your company. I’ve seen it happen. My approach is consequently quite blunt and no-nonsense, employing my 10+ years of experience in business operations, people management, and human resources to empower you and your employees… and you’re gonna like it.

Contact me about your particular project or personnel predicament and let’s talk.