Jacob Rangel-Amazon.jpg“I met Rebecca on a film set where she acted, shot guns, choreographed ninja fights and helped organize the cast during 2 days of a wet and cold location shooting in the Petaluma hills. Her creativity and passion for art is obvious and watching her juggle the array of tasks during the filming her dynamic mind handles it with ease.”
– jectorhead, Amazon

Leslie Arita-LinkedIn.jpg“Rebecca gets things done!  She has an amazing ability to look around and JUST START DOING the things that need to be tackled to make things more organized, more functional, and more streamlined.  She has a great mix of showing you how things can be and sharing ideas behind the systems she uses herself.  She helped me set up my home office, gave me tips on better managing my inbox and workflow, and even hauled away some of the stuff that we cleared out.  She’s bright and witty, and great to have on your side!”
– Leslie A, Yelp

Haley Hoffman.jpg“Rebecca filled diverse roles in producing TEDxNewYork — designing and executing audience curation and outreach, and then pinch hitting as a killer assistant stage manager for the lead-up and day of the event. 

She is a driven and detail-oriented teammate, as well as someone whose instincts are nuanced and trustworthy. In the marketing roles, we needed someone who could handle and lead multiple streams, make decisions to refine our outreach, and who could be responsible for delivering one of the events most important features: a diverse and New York-representative audience. Rebecca executed the role with aplomb — designing and managing outreach schedule and communications, escalating questions we didn’t anticipate to the right members of the team, and serving as an outward-facing voice for the executive team beautifully. She’s a great writer and editor, thoughtful strategy partner, and a talented and bulletproof teammate on the ground. Her varied background only adds to her jack-of-many-trades skillset and the fact that in almost any kind of pinch, Rebecca serves as a striking problem solver, collaborator, and leader.”
– Haley Hoffman, LinkedIn

Ruta Kruliauskaite.jpg“I had a chance to work with Rebecca on TEDxNewYork 2016 event. Being relatively new to the event stage in NYC and away from my regular TEDxVilnius team in Lithuania, working with Rebecca made it such a smooth experience. She was completely on top of things both during the speaker rehearsals and stage setup the day before as well as on the event’s day itself. We made a great team to have things run seamlessly!”
– Ruta Kruliauskaite, LinkedIn

Daphne O'Neal-Reel.png“Rebecca Ahn is a sophisticated video editor with exquisite taste. I gave her a mishmash of clips with wildly varied sound levels. Even worse, the range of musical styles associated with the clips was far too broad. Not only did Rebecca put the clips together in a graceful way, she so skillfully integrated the music as to make it seem the music was written to accompany the reel! My manager and I were thrilled, and the reel has so far resulted in a primetime ABC Family audition!”
– Daphne O’Neal, LinkedIn

Jacob R-Yelp.jpg“The Productive Artist’s professionalism and knowledge are a godsend for unorganized creatives! Within our first meeting Rebecca helped me set an action plan and get cracking! I have a hard time staying focused and finally decided I needed help. At first I wasn’t sure about the investment of time and money. After a few weeks, it’s plain to see that it was a good choice. Trust me, skip a few meals and hire The Productive Artist. You’ll get results and have more time to spend on your creative work. In the end isn’t that the name of the game for us artists?

If nothing else schedule a meet and greet (1st mtg is free) and I’m sure you’ll get some good ideas and energy out of it ; )”
– Jacob R, Yelp

Brian Chew-LinkedIn.jpg“Rebecca Ahn has always been a passionate person. Her book contains that passion and also some of her other defining characteristics: attention to detail, problem solver, and her will power to achieve.” 
– M. Chew, Amazon

Gayle Karen Young-Yelp.jpg“Working with the Productive Artist is one of the best investments I’ve made to get aspects of my own life back. From organizing my home to my inbox and helping me get some control back, she’s substantially improved my quality of life. She is smart, cheerful, resilient, and appropriately decisive.” 
– Gayle Karen Young, Yelp