Hello there! My name is Rebecca Ahn…

As a professional chameleon and creative multipotentialite, I go by many different names: business consultant, writerpoeteller, warrior, and one tough cookie. Since 2011, I’ve been living life in the freelance fast lane pursuing my own unique entrepreneurial adventures across a wide range of industries including entertainment, events, tech, cryptocurrency, women’s health, travel, and self defense. Ever-present in every step of this atypical path has been my passion and mission to educate, empower, and inspire others to become safer, stronger, and more successful. Not just survive, but thrive.

As a warrior and tough cookie, I inspire my fellow woman+kind to embrace their own inner strength with awareness, intuition, confidence, and (mental & physical) power to better battle the beast that is gender-based violence.

As a consultant, productive artist, and copywriter, I help clients, creators, and businesses to infuse their offerings and operations with greater structure and strategy, building a model to sustain themselves, focus on what they love, and tell compelling stories about their creations.

As a poeteller, I bring new life and perspective to the art of poetry and how we interact with its form, combining its rhythm and romance with the character arc and flow of longer form storytelling.

As a stunt performer & coordinator, I create action sequences in films that goes beyond today’s traditional mold and set a new standard for combining compelling storytelling & dynamic female roles in the action, thriller, and related film genres.

In every aspect, I am always an action-oriented adventurer with a passion for life, learning, and lots of laughter. I face every day with a goal to live as fully, productively, and authentically as possible. And I can only hope to inspire others to do the same.

Feel free to contact me for more information, references, or to discuss ideas for possible collaboration, consultation, employment, or other wacky adventures.