Operations + Marketing Strategy

My ambition: To sculpt the ideas and visions of others – be it an individual project or grander venture – into the most coherent, compelling, and prosperous project possible.

This can include advising on the concept + product market fit, target market + audience, budgeting + fundraising, hiring + org development, employee relations + workflow, production + distribution plan, marketing + content strategy, accounting + financial analysis, and much much more. Whatever your unique problems or puzzles, I can help you navigate them.

Consider me your last line of defense before you put your products and services out into the world to sink or swim. I’m here to help make sure what you produce and present is the very best version of what you envision, with the very best chance of providing value and success to both you and your customers. The ultimate win-win-win.

Contact me about your particular project and we’ll talk.


Current + Past Clients

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