Copy + Story Editing

My aim: To modify and fortify the works of others – including articles, novels, non-fiction books, dissertations, video scripts, marketing + advertising campaigns, resumes + cover letters – into the cleanest, clearest, most cogent writing possible.

This includes feedback on story + message, voice + tone, paragraph structure, sentence flow, jargon + semantics, and fact-checking, as well as the usual spelling, grammar, and punctuation in your chosen writing style (MLA, APA, or CMS).

I’m your deleter-in-chief making sure your content is free from error, omission, inconsistency, repetition, or incoherent narrative. In the end, I will help you publish is the most credible, intelligible, and powerful version of what you have in you.

Contact me about your particular project and we’ll talk.

Copy Editing stock photo