As a business consultant, I provide guidance and expertise on business operations, people operations, or content strategy & production for solo entrepreneurs and small businesses in diverse fields and stages via 1on1 consulting packages.

My business planning guidance is also available in the more affordable format of my book The Productive Artist’s Business Plan, now available on Amazon Kindle and paperback (and coming soon on Audible).

Whatever your particular project or predicament, my ultimate goal is to help sculpt your vision into a cohesive narrative and impactful offering that drives fulfilling and sustainable success for both you and your customers.

Everything has a story and stories are what make the world go round. They compel people to take action and enable economies to thrive. My goal is to help you find, hone, and share your story in a way that engages your customers, empowers you, and engenders positive change in the world. 

IF YOU ARE a woman+ or person of color who is building and/or leading a small business of your own and are ready to take it to the next level, I want to work with you! 

Contact me to discuss your specific project and get a quote.

Current & Past Clients

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