Hello! My name is Rebecca Ahn…

Well, as a creative jane-of-all-trades, I go by many different names: producer, writerpoetellereditor, warrior & stuntwoman, tough cookie, productive artist, or even just “Beat“. Since 2011, I’ve been living life in the freelance fast lane pursuing a unique adventure of telling stories, empowering others, and strengthening business productivity in the arts. But regardless of (and with every) name, I’m driven to infuse every aspect of my life and work with passion and innovation.

As a producer and stunt performer, I create films that go beyond today’s independent movie mold and set a new standard for combining compelling storytelling & dynamic female roles in the action, thriller, and related film genres.

As a warrior and tough cookie, I inspire women & humankind to recognize and foster their own inner resilience and compassion – the combination of which is the ultimate and most meaningful form of strength.

As a writer, editor, and productive artist, I help fellow artists and creative businesses to infuse their artistry with greater structure and strategy, building a model to sustain and focus on their art with minimal logistical overwhelm and maximum reward.

As a poeteller, I bring new life and perspective to the art of poetry and how we interact with its form, combining its rhythm and romance with the character and journey of storytelling.

And if you know me as “Beat,” then you know that I’m not a sit-on-the-sidelines kinda gal. I’m an aries, the first sign of the zodiac, and action-oriented entrepreneur with a heart of fire and a passion for life. I take every day with a goal to live as fully, authentically, and productively as possible. And I can only hope to inspire others to do the same.

Feel free to contact me for more information or references, or to discuss any ideas for possible collaboration, consultation, employment, or other adventure.



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